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Communicate One Vision

Communication is the foundational component to improve efficiency and drive growth within your business. However, with global teams the ability to align your teams with operational goals and changing business strategies is challenging.

You need to define the context of your vision and integrate the components into your team's daily workflows so they can execute on that vision without thinking.

Mapout Workflows uses this approach so changes to your vision can be integrated more rapidly and automation can be leveraged to maximize employee performance and efficiency.

Innovative playbooks based on best practices

You want to create an innovative culture, but balance that innovation by creating a foundation using industry best practices, allowing you to scale rapidly.

With Mapout Workflows, we create customized playbooks for your business based on industry best practices and solutions we have seen work for other customers. We help you balance the unique needs of your organization, while leveraging existing solutions to drive results.

Maximize performance and efficiency

At Mapout, we believe automation and effective communication are the key components to helping you create an adaptable, high performing workforce.

Our Workflow service is targeted at businesses who are both innovative and understand the importance of leveraging technology to maximize performance and efficiency. Our service is most effective for businesses that embrace change and have organizational approval to implement those changes.

How It Works

Learn about each step of the Workflow process


Create Your Playbook

Define the objectives, processes, stakeholders and metrics to evaluate success


Automate Processes

Implement and integrate the playbook into your team's daily workflow.


Communicate and Evaluate

Train stakeholders, rollout changes and measure performance

Playbooks Customized For Your Business

Start with a plan for your business

Mapout will create your playbooks based on industry best practices and customize them to fit your organization’s needs.

We start with evaluating your current process, defining the ideal process, identifying stakeholder roles and responsibilities and highlighting success metrics. We incorporate this information and deliver a customized playbook for your business.

Gain perspective by identifying where you are now and focus on the change initiatives that will drive growth for your business.

Innovative Smart Automation

Integrate playbooks into your team's daily workflows

With Mapout Workflows, you can save time and improve efficiency by getting more out of the software tools you use daily and fill in the gaps by creating customized integrations and workflows.

Connect software tools to automate processes and integrate solutions into your teams workflows so they can execute without thinking.

Notify your teams when action is needed providing recommended actions and pre-completed next steps enabling teams to perform quickly under pressure.

Engaging Training Programs

Communicate operational goals and business strategy to your global teams

With Mapout Learning, you can create video based training programs that deliver engaging content to communicate expectations and align teams with operational goals and business strategy.

On-demand learning provides teams training at the point-of-need and ability to consume training at their own schedule and pace. Easily update and distribute training content on any device as best practices change and evolve.


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