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What Is Mapout?

Mapout is a mobile learning platform for launching your video courses. You simply upload your videos and course materials and we'll create and launch branded Android and iOS mobile apps for your students.

Available on Android and iOS
Mobile apps are available on Android and iOS so your courses can be watched on any mobile phone or tablet.
Create Your Course
With our instructor dashboard, you can upload your videos and quickly create your course. We provide free support to get your content online and make sure you are satisfied with your course.

Why Use Mapout For Mobile Learning?

Make learning accessible outside the classroom

On Demand Learning

Quick and easy access to learning materials on mobile devices students use daily. Progress is synced across devices so students can pick-up where they left off.

Offline anytime access

Course lessons are synced to students device's and are accessible when they need it without requiring a network connection.

Improve Educator Productivity

Deliver short form lessons

Short, engaging and to the point. No more long lecture-style videos.

Focus On Helping Students

Teachers can create the course once and then focus their time on helping students learn the material.

Promote Lifelong Learning

Searchable content

Brush up on skills, review materials and get the information students need on demand. Find content from native searching on their mobile devices.

Easily update courses

Update course materials, add lessons or create new courses using our web interface.

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How Does It Work?

Create Your Online Course

Start by uploading your video content, course materials and brand information. Then preview the course to make sure it's ready to launch. We'll help you get your content online and make sure you're satisfied with the course.

Launch Your Course

When your course is done, we'll create and launch branded Android and iOS apps for your course. Students can then find your training easily by visiting the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. You'll be able to update the course, add new lessons or launch another course and the changes will be available immediately.

Engage With Your Students

Answer questions, post announcements and create discussions around your course content.

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