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Mapout helps organizations train employees, educate customers and teach students using video courses delivered on Android and iOS apps.
Robert Dickerson | Founder & CEO

Robert Dickerson, Founder

I founded Mapout with the goal of making training more accessible to your employees, students and customers on the mobile phones and tablets they carry every day. By improving accessibility and creating short form video lessons, you can improve engagement and retention of your training material.

We work closely with leaders who understand the importance of education within their organization. They understand how it empowers employees, educates students and engages their customers to reach their organization's goals.

I believe that mobile learning will shape the future of education within your organization. Given the pace of change driven by technology, it's essential that we are constantly learning and growing. However, there needs to be a balance where learning fits within the context of our busy lives.

Let me show you how Mapout can help achieve your organization's goals.

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