On Demand Mobile Learning

Train, educate and teach with video courses.

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We’ll create iOS and Android apps branded for your organization's video courses.

Create engaging training for your employees, educate your students and connect with your customers on mobile devices they use daily.

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Why Mobile Learning?

Students want to learn on their schedule, whether that’s on their commute to work, during a run or relaxing at night.

Android and iOS apps allow students to access your video course materials on-demand, sync their progress across devices and download course materials for offline viewing.

Mapout gives you the tools to create and launch your video courses

Upload your videos, add course materials and your lessons are immediately available on your users mobile devices

All of our packages include on-boarding support to get your existing course materials online.

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Mobile Learning Solutions


Educate Your Global Workforce Improve Training Effectiveness Customer On-boarding & Training Align Teams with Organizational Goals


Decision Making Support Awareness of Treatment Options Quality of Life Improvements Personalized Care


Learning Accessible to All Students Improve Educator Productivity Accessibility to the Best Teachers Promote Lifelong Learning

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